HOW THEY DID IT and a bit of a brew

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The MPA is planning our March meeting:  themed "HOW THEY DID IT".
 We are looking for professionals who have successfully produced a film, video, television project and invite them to share their experience and help everyone in our industry to learn from their travels down this road....
We will then engage in a discussion to help everyone in the audience gain some knowledge shared from these producers. You will hear from Keith Famie, Jenny Lafamme, Sonja Crosby,Tony D'Annunzio and  Michael Kuentz about projects they have worked on, their model for success, war stories good and bad and hopefully we'll have loads of questions from our participants...
Then we'll go have a beer to celebrate St Patricks Day! 
Join us at the New Improved Studio Center in Farmington Hills
Keith Famiesonja CrosbyJenny Lafemme-1Mike KTony D

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