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SPEAKER'S  available, questions answered!!!

Are you interested in learning about the Michigan Production Alliance and the Production Industry?  MPA members are available to come and speak to your group about incentives, production, technology, animation, organizing or involvement with the film and production community. Our members have expertise in various departments and may be of interest. OR if you simply have a question about these things feel free to contact us! We WILL respond quickly!!!!

Contact us: 313.447.0566 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Here is something to wrap your head around..

A lot of us are restless. We're looking for something that's harder to find all the time: Places with a soul all their own. Cities that know what it means to be urban.

Our Hyperlink Promotion program! If you run a website in Michigan, add a button like this slate, make it a hyperlink with a caption stating that incentives are available. OR Consider using the MFO logo. You are on the front lines! Whenever someone hits your site they will learn about your services AND the opportunity for incentives. Spread the word that we are back in the game!


Shoot ANYWHERE in Michigan and get 40 to 42 percent back! Click the slate for details!



Below is a list of MFOAC members and their contacts as the Governor has reappointed Bill Ludwig as Chair and appointed Jennifer Fischer of Bloomfield Hills.The Film Office refuses to provide contact information for her. She replaces longtime member Marc Prey.  MPA encourages you to develop diaglogue with MFOAC members regarding the state of the industry. You may send email to them and if it for an MFOAC meeting, be sure to indicate whether you would like your communication to be part of the public record.  New MFO Director Jenell Leonard is a non voting member of the council.

 Next MFOAC meeting Sept 25 in Grand Rapids

Draft Minutes from MFOAC July 2015

Current Members:

Hopwood DePree – TicTock Studios
Appointment expires 9/30/16 

Marcia Fishman – SAG/AFTRA of Michigan 
Appointment expires 9/30/16 

Jennifer Fischer – Retired
Appointment expires 9/30/18

Appointed by the House Majority Leader

Calvin Hazelbaker - IATSE Local 38
Appointment Expires 09/30/16

Richard F. Hert – West Michigan Film Office
Appointment expires 9/30/16

John Loeks - Celebration Cinemas 
Appointment expires 9/30/16

Terry Terry - Message Makers
Appointment expires 9/30/16

Bill Ludwig - Campbell Ewald
Appointment expires 9/30/16 

Ted Serbinski- Business man
Appointment expires 9/30/16 

Timothy Pietryga – Mary Free Bed Hospital
Appointment expires 9/30/15

Joe Voss - Attorney
Appointment expires 9/30/16

Amy Weber – Radish Creative Group
Appointment expires 9/30/15

Brian Winn - Michigan State University
Appointment expires 9/30/16

Sanford Nelson - Michigan Motion Picture Studios
Appointment expires 9/30/15




***Contact information for all MFOAC members may be found at michiganfilmoffice.org and at the MFP group discussion website under 'files'.