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Michigan Production Alliance Announces IN Frame Podcast

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                                                                           Michigan Production Alliance (MPA) announces their new podcast series, “IN Frame.”


“IN Frame” is part of MPA’s vision of outreach to its members, to the production community, and to interested public. We’ll share interviews with stakeholders in Michigan’s production community, MPA members with expertise in various areas, as well as those who visit Michigan to create projects. Cinematographer Lon Stratton, Former Studio Center director Carrie Jones, indie filmmaker Ryan Davies and MPA co-founder Mark Adler have been interviewed.


Barton Bund, MPA member, hosts the program. Barton is an actor, writer and director of stage and screen. Some of his recent credits include starring roles in the Michigan-made Age of Ice and The Dunes, as well as roles in Jimmy P. and the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University.


MPA co-founder and director Mark Adler provides color for the program. Mark is a key video assist who has worked on commercials and feature films made in Michigan for over 30 years. Some of those projects include 8 Mile, Red Dawn, The Double, and Batman v Superman. He studied at Wayne State and Michigan State University, graduating from the telecommunication program at MSU.


We thank Studio Center in Farmington Hills for graciously allowing us to use their facility to record these podcasts. MPA is in the process of editing these programs, and we will release them on social media, our website as well as iTunes and Soundcloud in late September. Here is a link to Episode 1!



Certified 501c6 in 2003, MPA is a non-profit with a mission to provide cohesiveness to the community through communication, continuing education and political awareness.