Welcome to the MPA! Thanks for your support! We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and events!


Don't just sit there join a committee!

BENEFITS - Incentives and discounts for various industry related services and locations. No other local organization watches and reports the issues to YOU! Help us serve the production community. Join MPA, lead a committee - help organize events.and allow MPA to be the voice of the community. Check our benefits one sheet on this site!

MCAI/DFC/SAG/DWIFTV/ Members receive discounts on MPA membership

Union Members (IATSE , AFTRA and SAG) also receive discounts on MPA membership

Allied/Vaughn: 10% discount on any local products or duplication

Insurance - We will try to find the lowest cost Insurance through Haller Insurance Group, LLC., specializing in estate, retirement, Insurance and business planning Since 1971. Please contact them at :

Haller Insurance Group, LLC.

5600 new king street
suite 305
troy, mi 48098.2652
248.952.5600 f

Networking - The MPA is an excellent resource for production crew, talent and facility operations - If you are looking for information give us a call - 313.447.0566

The Michigan Production Alliance after unveiling it's new logo, created by Scott Dunham has opened an e store. The store carries simple products such as tshirts, mugs, stickers and magnets with the MPA logo standing out and looking strong.

So, check the site, buy a product and support MPA's goals, our mutual goals!


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