MPA members! Michigan Production Alliance is having Cards printed to help market the incentives. They will be available to members at our meetings starting in May.

The concept was developed by the director of a recent film. He printed cards that say: "This business transaction was made possible by the Michigan Film Incentive."

The front of the card will have the Michigan mitten (complete with the U.P.!) and our logo

The back of the card will explain it's purpose - To allow people to feel invested in the program.

Michigan's Film Incentive legislation is the brightest economic boost our state has seen in years. Since 2008, it has helped launch new business, new infrastructure and provided jobs for the production industry as well as service industries small and large throughout the state.


This card represents that you or your business has benefited directly through dollars generated by the film incentive program. Please let your legislators know that Michigan's film incentive program has touched your business and that you support continued film industry activity. You can find your legislators at:

If you like this idea, let's discuss it on MPA's new member blog site. Members may register and sign in and discuss this or any relevant issue.