Here is something to wrap your head around..

A lot of us are restless. We're looking for something that's harder to find all the time: Places with a soul all their own. Cities that know what it means to be urban.

Places where we can plug into what's really going on. Across a landscape paved with more of the same, one city stands out — Detroit. Detroit is a city of triumphs, a city of struggles and a city with enough imagination to power the nation. Here, the car claims center stage. The music runs deep. Sports are pursued with a passion. The culture is cooking. And the gaming is good. Trace cool to its source and sooner or later you find your way to Detroit. No other great American city puts out so much vibrant style. Wherever you're from, Detroit has something to show you. It's the place to come to get caught up on the latest — and leave feeling like you're in the know.

So, shoot the gritty city, the upscale, the music scene. We have it all. Here, its smaller, harder to find the jewels. But if your search, talk with people. The jewels are there for  you to find.