The Michigan Production Alliance offers Seminars for those who wish to learn about what it takes to work on a commercial, corporate project or feature film. The MPA "Production Algebra - The P.A. Bootcamp" is one of our signature events.

The seminar includes 3  components, a lecture, demonstrations and panel discussion/Q & A. We can set them up for various times - generally 9am through 3pm

Segment 1 - Lecture.

The lecture will provide more than just an overview of what is expected of Production Assistants on both film and video sets. It will include 2 way radio demos, rental equipment overview as well as set and client etiquette. There will be a discussion about local production companies, organizations and unions and the different resources they have to offer.

Segment 2 - Demonstrations

A demonstration and discussion of the use of radios and forms on sets


Segment 3 - Moderated Discussion.

A panel of local producers, coordinators and assistant directors will discuss their experiences on the set and expectations from crewmembers during production and post-production. The discussion will be followed by a question and answer session.

Contact MPA if you are interested in having a Bootcamp at your School.